Exploring the Future of Child Tech: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Punit Yadav, imoo India


In an age where technology intertwines seamlessly with everyday life, the realm of children’s electronics takes center stage, promising innovation, safety, and connectivity. As children embrace digital devices at increasingly younger ages, the role of smartwatches tailored specifically for them becomes pivotal in shaping their experiences and ensuring parental peace of mind.

DeviceNext Magazine sits down with Mr. Punit Yadav, representing imoo India, a global leader in children’s electronics, to delve into the company’s mission, products, and vision for the future. From navigating the challenges of promoting smartwatches in school settings to pioneering cutting-edge features like health monitoring and emotion detection, imoo is at the forefront of revolutionizing how children interact with technology while prioritizing safety and privacy.

Join us as we uncover insights into the expanding landscape of kids’ smartwatches and the exciting developments on the horizon, poised to redefine the boundaries of “Connected Kids” in the years to come.



Can you please provide an overview of your company and the products/services it offers?

imoo is a global leader in children’s electronics, dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology that enhances children’s lives and provides peace of mind to parents worldwide. Our journey began in 2011, driven by a mission to create a watch phone that facilitates communication and integrates features to ensure child safety, connectivity, learning, and overall well-being.
In 2023, we made our debut in India with the introduction of the Z1 kids‘ watch. The positive response to our product has strengthened our commitment to the Indian market, motivating us to bring solutions that allow parents to stay connected with their children while accurately knowing their whereabouts.

With over 3% global market share in the wearable category, our presence underscores our commitment to delivering quality products that add significant value to both children and parents alike. Mr. Kimi founded the company with a vision to enhance children’s learning while giving parents the freedom to allow their children to pursue their interests. This vision materialized in the form of the imoo watch phone – the first phone designed specifically for kids.

Continuously keeping an ear to the ground, we discover gaps and address needs. We then return to the drawing board to develop new and improved products. Our lineup now includes imoo Z1, imoo Z6 and imoo Z7 Watchphones designed to be the first 1st phone for your kids.

In your opinion, why do you believe kids need smartwatches in today’s digital age?

In today’s digital age, smartwatches for kids serve as more than just communication devices; they are essential tools that cater to the unique needs of children and address parental concerns. While adults rely on smartphones for communication, children require devices that are specifically tailored to their needs and parental preferences, free from unwanted content or distractions.
In urban communities, concerns about child safety are prevalent, whether children are at school or under the care of a nanny. This constant worry often leads parents to restrict their child’s activities in an attempt to maintain control. Smartwatches like imoo offer a solution by providing children with a means to regain their freedom while staying connected to their parents without the need for a full-fledged smartphone.
As our modes of communication and living have evolved significantly, smartwatches have become an essential aspect of modern lifestyles. Today’s children are often more tech-savvy than their parents, making smartwatches an acceptable communication tool. These devices not only provide parents with reassurance about their child’s whereabouts but also offer greater peace of mind while granting children the freedom they need to develop into independent individuals.

Could you elaborate on the current size and awareness of the market for smartwatches designed specifically for children?

When it comes to awareness, the market for smartwatches designed for children is well-established and widely accepted in numerous countries. However, it’s important to note that in the Indian market, this category is still in its nascent stages. Globally, the kids’ smartwatch market size was estimated at USD 1,296.3 million in 2022 and is projected to grow substantially, reaching USD 4,853.3 million by 2032. As the market continues to evolve, we anticipate increased awareness and adoption of these devices, particularly as parents recognize the benefits they offer in terms of safety, communication, and monitoring.

What challenges do you face in promoting smartwatches for kids, particularly regarding their usage in schools where such devices are not allowed?

Promoting smartwatches for kids presents its own set of challenges, especially in environments like schools where such devices are often prohibited. However, we’ve observed a significant level of enthusiasm from parents who understand the value that our watchphones can bring to their children’s safety and communication.

One of the primary concerns schools have regarding gadgets is the potential for distractions. To address this, our imoo watchphones have undergone extensive research and development, focusing on meeting the needs of both children and parents. Our products feature a unique Class mode functionality, which parents can easily control through the imoo app. This allows them to set specific class times during which children can only access essential functions such as checking the time or making emergency calls.

Furthermore, our watchphones offer parents the ability to track their child’s location using the class mode feature, providing them with added peace of mind while their child is at school. By offering solutions that prioritize safety and minimize disruptions, we believe we can overcome the challenges associated with promoting smartwatches for kids in school environments.

Data privacy is a significant concern, especially when it comes to products targeted at children. How does your company address data privacy concerns relate to the use of your smartwatches?

As a global brand, we understand the paramount importance of data privacy, particularly when it comes to products designed for children. Our company is committed to upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy. We adhere strictly to all relevant regulations and guidelines, including the GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation), which is widely recognized as the gold standard for data privacy. By implementing robust measures and protocols, we ensure that our customers’ privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded at all times.

India is a vast and diverse market. What are your company’s plans for expanding its presence in India?

Our company recognizes the vast potential of the Indian market, and we have strategic plans in place to expand our presence across urban and semi-urban areas. Currently, we have a strong online presence through leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, FirstCry, and Flipkart. Additionally, we’ve established physical presence in select Sangeetha Mobiles stores and exclusive Imoo outlets in Bengaluru.

Looking ahead, our focus for the upcoming year is on expanding our offline footprint while continuing to strengthen our online channels. We aim to forge partnerships with multi-brand outlets and specialized children’s stores to effectively reach our target audience. Concurrently, we are committed to establishing more Imoo stores wherever feasible.

To increase brand visibility and market awareness, we will implement strategic marketing initiatives to announce our presence and highlight the unique features of our products. By leveraging both online and offline channels, we are confident in our ability to expand our reach and cater to the diverse needs of Indian consumers.

Where do you see the future of kids smartwatches heading in the next few years?

In the next few years, I foresee the kids’ smartwatch industry experiencing remarkable growth and innovation. Our focus is on meeting the evolving needs of parents and children alike. We envision a future where these devices serve to streamline the lives of both parents and children, offering enhanced features and functionalities driven by continuous research and development efforts. Ultimately, our goal is to provide products that add tangible value to the lives of our users, making daily tasks easier and more convenient while prioritizing safety and security.

Are there any upcoming developments or innovations in your products that you are particularly excited about?
Absolutely, we’re very excited about the recent launch of our newest product, the imoo Z7. This device represents a significant leap forward in terms of functionality and features. One of the key highlights is its comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, SPO2 measurement, and body temperature tracking using advanced PPG health sensors. What sets it apart is the inclusion of an emotion detector, which adds a unique dimension to our product line. Furthermore, we’ve enhanced our location tracking feature by introducing a 14-day historical track, allowing parents to monitor their kids’ movements over an extended period. Overall, we believe these innovations will greatly benefit our users and further solidify our position as leaders in the industry.

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