Powering Tomorrow: BMT ‘s 2024 Vision for Advanced Manufacturing and Global Growth

Aashish Arora-Founder & CEO- BMT

BMT – Electrinno Topologies Industries (BMT), a leading manufacturer of mobile chargers, car chargers, power banks, USB cables, and other IoT and electronic products, is gearing up for a transformative year in 2024 with new production capabilities. The company is strategically aligning itself with the latest technological advancements and embracing the “Make in India” initiative to propel its growth and global presence.

The backbone of BMT’s future production lies in advanced automation. The integration of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning promises to elevate efficiency, precision, and flexibility in manufacturing processes. This not only enhances the quality of the products but also positions the company as an industry leader in cutting-edge technology adoption.

The incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in production systems is another cornerstone of BMT’s strategy. Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimization of manufacturing processes through IoT connectivity are poised to make the company’s operations smarter and more efficient.


Advanced materials play a pivotal role in BMT’s innovation. The development of new materials with enhanced properties ensures the production of innovative products across various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics. This positions the company as a trailblazer in adopting cutting-edge materials for its product offerings. 

Sustainability is a key focus area for BMT. The adoption of eco-friendly processes, recycling techniques, and renewable energy sources aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in manufacturing. These sustainable practices not only reduce the company’s environmental impact but also enhance overall resource efficiency.

The introduction of collaborative robotics, or cobots, is set to revolutionize BMT Electrinno’s manufacturing floor. While supply chain digitization through technologies like blockchain, RFID, and advanced analytics will enable BMT with enhanced visibility, traceability, and agility. Also by incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, BMT will be able to streamline processes, reduce errors, and accelerate learning curves, ensuring a skilled and efficient workforce.

BMT is also aligning itself with the “Make in India” initiative, recognizing the advantages it brings. Access to a vast and growing consumer market, reduced production costs, tariff benefits, improved supply chain efficiency, compliance with local regulations, enhanced brand image, and global export opportunities are all compelling reasons for the company to manufacture in India.

Looking ahead to the target for 2024, BMT aims for revenue growth by a certain percentage, considering market opportunities, the competitive landscape, and economic conditions. Market expansion into new geographical markets or demographic segments, a focus on global markets, product innovation, operational efficiency, and customer acquisition and retention are key pillars of the company’s growth strategy.

In summary, BMT is poised for an exciting and transformative year in 2024, leveraging advanced technologies, sustainable practices, and global initiatives to solidify its position as a leading player in the manufacturing industry.

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