The specialization of YXL battery is to meet the needs of customers in the market segments, and promote product upgrading iterations through design, production, service, etc.


YXL is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries. It is a leading manufacturer of rechargeable battery manufacturing technology in China. At present, the company has four business divisions: polymer lithium battery, cylindrical lithium-ion battery, power battery (lithium iron phosphate) and finished battery.

It has established production bases in Hubei and Shenzhen respectively, with a total construction area of about 15000 square meters, more than 400 employees and a number of advanced production equipment in Germany and Japan.

At present, they have provided excellent products for many electronic product manufacturers at home and abroad. In line with the good customer-oriented service attitude, we have provided unique development and design product solutions, engineering and technical support for various manufacturers in multiple directions.


We hope to lead and advocate the “quality”, “safety” and “innovation” in the field of batteries and join hands with partners in the industry all over the world to grow together, so as to create a brilliant chapter for the innovation of high-tech products in the world.

YXL-battery-Battery-Manufacturer-unit2Q What are the specialization of YXL batteries, how manufacturing and brands can be beneficial by sourcing from you?

The specialization of YXL battery is to meet the needs of customers in the market segments, and promote product upgrading iterations through design, production, service, etc. We improve customer satisfaction through dedicated service, rapid communication, accurate delivery and professional services, and strive to achieve zero error and zero complaint

Q What are the latest trends in the Batteries and how it is effecting the performance of products.
Customers are now looking for three basic features from batteries, which are higher energy density, longer life, higher reliability. A Higher energy density means that more energy can be obtained per unit weight or volume. For portable products, the standby or use time is longer,
and frequent charging is not required.

While Longer service life means that the capacity of the battery declines slowly during charging and discharging, and the service life can be greatly improved. Whereas, Higher reliability means less chance of abnormal battery problems and lower equipment failure rate.

Q Why India is a key market for mobile accessories segment.

With the demand for high-tech products and the improvement of living and entertainment level, the consumption of electronic products is increasing day by day, and has become an indispensable
part of the daily life of consumers all over the world. India is a country with a large population, which has also become the main sales market of electronic consumer products, and has started the production and manufacturing trend of electronic products.

YXL-Battery-ManufacturerWe believe that we can reach a consensus with Indian enterprises to jointly pursue the development of outstanding technology and innovative technology, and move closer to the goal of shaping global economic development based on connectivity needs.

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