ViewSonic is all set to disrupt the display market in the year 2022 by launching sleek and touch monitors


Having a vast experience in the IT hardware and display segment for close to 28 years, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director, Sales and Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India, spearheads the growth and strategy of the display segment, and drives sales performance of the company. Mr. Bhattacharya joined ViewSonic in September 2020, and has been awarded by the Computer Society of India for his contribution to the Indian IT Hardware industry. He has a clear long-term vision towards solidifying ViewSonic’s market leadership in India. In an exclusive interview to DeviceNext, Sanjoy Bhattacharya shares his views of the display segment and talks about ViewSonic’s plan for the Indian market.

Share your views on the newer technology being introduced in the display segment.
We are living in a time when technology is the driving force for literally everything around us. The rise in digitization, brilliant visual quality and smart consumer tech products have taken the world by storm. The displays are a major part of our everyday lives from mobile phones to ATM to PC/Laptops. For years, IPS have been the ideal choice for anyone who prioritizes image quality, however, with the evolution of technology, IPS black is a newer technology that offers improved contrast and darker blacks. We have also seen HDR 10 being widely popular in displays for its fairly strong format and superb contrasts that result in brilliant, lifelike images on the screen.

What are your observations on the changes in consumer behaviour, and needs in the technology/display sector?
With the rapid boost in technology and shift in the user’s needs in the past few years, the key buying factor in the technology/display sector has evolved with time. Unlike earlier times, users now focus on the size, connectivity, and resolution (Full HD and up). Earlier the refresh-rate requirement was 75hz and has now going up to 360Hz. Consumers today are well-researched and are investing time and money in choosing the right display monitor for themselves. With monitors becoming an essential part of any industry/professional, there is a significant increase in the percentage of investment in monitors for building an overall PC. There is a gradual shift from a supplier (Dealer/Channel) driven market to a customer-driven market with an increase in ASP to USD 150.


Share some insights on your plans for key product launches and the growth of the company in 2022?
ViewSonic observed a significant growth across segments in the past year despite the pandemic. As most people shifted to the virtual world—working from home, online classes, online meetups, 2022 will also see a surge in demand for devices with collaborative features as monitors have become a very essential part of our daily lives. The touch screen monitors and 21:9 widescreen monitors for multitasking are thriving
amongst the users.

ViewSonic is all set to disrupt the display market in the year 2022 by launching sleek and touch monitors which will set us apart from others for their hassle-free handling and assembling. We are targeting multiple professionals for work and entertainment purposes and offering supreme and high-quality display screens with brilliant image quality to ‘see the difference’ in their efficiency, collaboration skills and user experience.

What type of display features are trending among the users?
Living and striving in a fast-paced environment, users have now become very particular and expect their gadgets to be precise and accurate in terms of their performance and output. The last two years have drastically changed the way we work and have realized there is a huge demand for 2K & 4K large screen displays with attractive features like 12-bit color, a screen size of 24 inches and 27 inches and refresh rate changing from 144Hz to 360Hz which ultimately enhances productivity, efficiency, multitasking and provide
better visual quality for working from home or office.

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