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What MSI Say About Tech Trends of 2023


Shivangi Bhadauria, Media & Communication Manager, MSI

For us at MSI, the core values have always been in-line with luxurious aesthetics and extreme performance while striving for innovative technology. This year MSI has introduced a wide range of products & the 12th Gen series of laptops is a revelation in the industry.

MSI’s Overboost Technology has got tech enthusiasts blown away & questioning performance limits. The technology combines the full potential of your Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU working together at 250W, leaving gamers/creators awe-struck.

We take pride in introducing features like the first ever QHD 240Hz display, which allows more accurate and realistic colour for the best visual experience with minimal motion blur for gaming. In the era where working and creating content on the go has become a part of our lifestyle, products offering high performance and reliable design are much sought-after.


As the content creation market continues to grow substantially, the demand for mobile workstations is inevitable. To add that extra utility, we introduced a unique pen touch design while experiencing unparalleled contrast and vibrant visuals in any environment. For a creator, we understand the importance of a higher viewing area & the golden ratio display (16:10) design does the trick neatly.

We at MSI believe in taking feedback from gamers/creators to understand the segment better & developing products that are tailor-made according to their needs. As we enter 2023, a key technology trend that we anticipate to become mainstream and drive the consumer gadgets market in India will be the 16:10 ratio display. This feature will not be beneficial for the creators to create and edit content but practical for all the gamers out there as well. The 16:10 ratio display is something people would love to go for, as it will offer a more viewable area and a broader immersive experience like never before.

RTX technology is another game changer. Earlier, Ray tracing was only for higher-end laptops. With the new RTX technology in place – 3050 & 3050Ti, Ray Tracing is now available for gamers across segments.

Last but not the least, as we all have started working & creating content on-the-go, portability accompanied by a larger display area and compact ID design, goes well with the statement ‘having the best of both worlds.’

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